After 4 years of having this camera obscura project in my mind, I decided to make it come true. Pinhole photography is based on the passage of light through a small hole into a dark space to reflect light on an opaque screen, reflected light builds an image. All this done only with darkness, light and a small hole. There is nothing like inverting in the dark and seeing how light works. After covering the window and remaining in total darkness, I cut a small hole to let in the light, your eyes get used to the darkness after a few minutes and begin to register the flashes of light, there everything becomes incredible.

I immersed myself in the view from my window that I appreciate every day.


Rosa Tajonar
/ Thanks to:
Gerardo Tajonar Contro, Rosa Méndez Sánchez y Gerardo Tajonar.
/ Technique: Camera Obscura / Mexico City / October, 2018